Constructing facilities to supply power to buildings, factories, and commercial and public amenities that are vital to everyone's lifestyle and the industrial sector is the business domain we are founded on. In order for our customers to realize  a comfortable lifestyle, we will continue to commit ourselves in bringing about facilities that are even safer, higher in quality, and have more value-added.

  • For the Future of the Earth and Its People













Aiming to make our environment friendly to the Earth, PT. Kinden Indonesia is currently putting great effort into constructing optimal electrical  facilities of a higher  dimension by  positively introducing new energy  technologies including solar-power generation and wind-power generation, as well as other unique electrical facility technologies.

Solar-power generation systems, recycling plant electrical systems, wind-power generation systems, electrical equipment for refuse incineration station ,water-treatment plant systems, various co-generation systems and others.

  • Residential Environment Preservation


Our goal is  to  assemble an optimal system of  power facilities  in order to  make load  equipment, which  includes lighting, air conditioning, elevators   production lines and so   forth, function safely and rationally.


Lighting, receptacle  installations, common antenna TV systems, telephones, broadcasting, intercom systems,  various audiovisual systems, LAN wiring systems and others.



  • Network Construction Solutions

From    the   infrastructure  with in    constructions,  such as  offices and  public facilities  to the internet   connection   inside   these facilities,  we help in designing and constructing a safe and optimal network, selecting equipment to realize an optimal   troughput, setting up configuration ,and conducting comprehensive  testing   through integrated   coordination    work to build  a network system. 


We fulfill the demands of our customers  with  the abundance of   technology and know-how that we have developed to date to realize a reliable network climate. 


  • Crime and Disaster Prevention on User's Premises

We make the best of our integrated technology  based on  electrical  energy  applications  and  sophisticated   signal    controls in all kinds of environments where people are living, be it indoors or outdoors, for the sake of our  future.      


Security systems, fire damper and ventilation control systems, electric door lock control systems lightning protection systems, automatic fire alarm systems and others.



  • Building Automation System (BAS)

We realize the  establishment of   a total system  corresponding   to  the  needs of  our  customers  in  building  maintenance and   operations  from the aspects of functionality, safety and comfort.


  •  Infrastructure on the Premises

We provide an integrated service that extends from giving suggestions, planning, designing, and construction to maintenance  of   the power receiving and transforming facilities, as well as power distribution facilities of buildings installations  and f actories  of   all types to realize an optimal system.


Extra-high voltage  power  reception  and  transformer  electrical  systems, CVCF and UPS,  full-time / emergency  power  generation  systems,  power distribution control systems, battery (DC power supply) systems and others.