It is very important to maintain the environments of spaces such as commercial facilities, factories, and offices where we live and work as well as those that are out of sight, such as building rooftops and basements.

For the maintenance of such spaces that greatly influence our mental and physical well-being, PT. Kinden Indonesia provides a range of sophisticated technologies designed to achieve "comfortable and functional living and working environments" and to improve the friendliness of the spaces we move in.

That includes user-friendly air-conditioning systems, water supply and drainage systems, and construction of utility installations in various factories.

  • Plumbing and Sanitary System




We   build   plumbing  and   sanitary   systems  after  conducting   reviews   from  various angles, taking into    account a variety  of conditions,  as  well as the level of amenity, economy ,durability, operability and fulfillment in terms  of facility management.

















Plumbing system, fire extinguishing system, etc.



  • Environmental Conservation System

As well as undertaking water treatment and CFC recovery work for environmental  conservation, We also create air purification systems and healthy spaces.


Industrial drainage treatment systems, waste water treatment systems, etc.



  • HVAC System

We  assign  ourselves  the task of  determining  how to accomplish   what is considered  normal in an efficient, economical and  environmentally-friendly way in  pursuit of building the ideal air conditioning systems.


Air conditioning systems, clean room systems, constant temperature and humidity systems, etc.



























  • Utilities Facilities System

There is an immediate  and  significant   difference  in  the quality  of utility systems at  industrial  facilities in terms of production quality and cost, and business and environmental management play an important role.


PT. Kinden Indonesia works as one with its customers in pursuit of building the ideal utility systems.


Compressed air systems,  pure water systems,  steam  supply systems,  cooling water systems,   various   solution supply systems, etc